Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How is Science Education Like Coaching?

I'm stealing this interview from Big Think and re purposing it.  The original article on this video is by Megan Erickson, "No, Seriously. Science Can Be Funny.".  It's based on this 90 second clip from an interview with Bill Nye, The Science Guy, and his response to Big Think's question "How is Science Education Like Comedy?". 

But I'm re purposing it here because as I watched the video, I was immediately struck with the idea that the core of his response might have been exactly the same had they asked him "How is Science Education Like Coaching". 

"You always want the student to figure it out for her or himself, you don't want to give her or him the answer.", says Bill.  "You want to get people to choose, to choose to embrace it."

Whether you want to encourage discovery, change, or as this interview spotlights, comedy, you need the "audience" to become active participants. 

This is why people don't make significant change in response to being told "just do it" or "do it this way".  They need to make the discovery on their own, to choose to do it. 

And that's the science behind coaching.  Actively engaging in exploration.  A catalytic process that brings new awareness, reveals different perspectives, allows for possibility, and inspires choice.

So I choose to hear Bill Nye share a message about choice that has a broader application than initially proposed.  And not coincidentally, that's exactly how science and innovation works.  Thanks, Bill, you are The Science Guy.

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