Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ready, Aim, Fire

The top two "leadership qualities" for success according to the 2010 IBM Global CEO Study are Creativity and Integrity.  The report further goes on to say that CEOs see the relationship between the two as critical.  

That got me thinking about what this critical relationship might look like. 

Might look like in a PPT deck, of course, because that's how we corporate types communicate.  (hmmm, perhaps fodder for a future blog...)

Corporate Integrity means aligning behaviors and actions to the company's core values.  Here's a fictitious example of a company with four core values and how their integrity might be illustrated. 

Where does Creativity fit into this picture?  I'm going to paint it in as a series arrows.  Curly arrows, because creativity is rarely straight and linear.  

In this example, a creative suggestion to cut costs by moving production offshore would not be put into action because it's not aligned to the value of "Made in the USA".  But, a creative suggestion to partner with another US manufacturer might just be a bulls eye.

Use Integrity as the target, aim the Creative artillery, and fire away.   

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